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Give Great Falls is an exciting celebration of giving by connecting community members with local nonprofits whose mission aligns with their passion. The Great Falls Area Community Foundation, United Way of Cascade County and Great Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit Alliance are partnering to host Give Great Falls from April 27th - May 1st. Our goal is to encourage philanthropic giving, community engagement, and strengthen collaborative impact for the benefit of the Great Falls Area.

With COVID-19 precautions, Give Great Falls will feel a bit different this year. While we won't have the chance to come together in-person to celebrate as a community, celebrating together online will be more important than ever! Many local nonprofits are on the front lines to support our community in response to COVID-19 and many others have had to cancel important fundraising events. Each donation matters - whether it's $10 or $50. Together, we can support each other in GREAT ways!

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